Cloud Document Management

How OPTBYTE’s all-in-one cloud solutions are streamlining office management across the enterprise.

Flexible Collaboration Methods

  • Users can request files or quickly share them, catering to different urgency levels.
  • Tasks can be created on an area level for external sharing, while managing access for sensitive data within projects.

No File Type or Size Limits

File Share allows uploading of any file type and size, managed efficiently through background chunk uploads.

User Access Management

  • Registered users can add external users and create groups via the User Access dashboard.
  • External users are invited with limited access and an adjustable expiration date.


Hierarchical Organization

  • Internal and external users can be grouped based on team specifications for direct file sharing.
  • Clients and projects are managed, maintaining simultaneous oversight of multiple projects for a single client.

Customizable Client Groups

  • Clients can be organized into segment-wise groups based on membership and project priority.


Project-Level Management

  • Projects are created with client names and deadlines, with assigned users reflecting automatically.
  • Project-level view includes an Overview dashboard, Working Files, and Attachments list.

Working Files and Requests

  • Projects are divided into smaller phases called Areas for efficient management.
  • Requests can be created at the Area level, triggering notification emails to requestees upon assignment.

Quick Sharing and Requesting

  • Quick share enables file sharing via email or links with customizable expiration durations.
  • Users can request files by creating requests shared with up to 5 users, with immediate link expiration after file upload.