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JSON to SQL converter

JSON to SQL converter, written in C# and core, creates relational model and create SQL scripts for multiple databases. This is capable to determine the datatype from JSON and create appropriate data model in sql. It suports the conversion into following SQL Script:Suported SQL Scripts:MSSQLM...

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Plan your business continuity on cloud

According to the technological giant IBM,  cloud computing is on-demand access,  via the internet,  to computing resources—applications, servers (physical servers and virtual servers),  data storage,  development tools, networking  capabilities, and more—hosted at a...

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Back in 2015, Gartner had claimed Cloud to be one the greatest technologies that existed. Little did we know that cloud would actually surpass everything and still hold the throne in 2022? While in the past cloud was mainly used to host business applications, its role today has expanded and div...

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