According to the technological giant IBM,  cloud computing is on-demand access,  via the internet,  to computing resources—applications, servers (physical servers and virtual servers),  data storage,  development tools, networking  capabilities, and more—hosted at a remote data center managed by a cloud services provider (or CSP).

Taking a business on cloud has various benefits such as:

Cost efficiency

When a business is taken on cloud, it saves the organisation the cost of setting up the buying, installing and managing the infrastructure to cater to all data needs. Since most projects are outsourced to distinguished cloud service providers, the management use the resources – both capital and manual into improving their products, services or the overall processes.


When the organisation’s business moves to the cloud, the designated resources can access crucial data even remotely. This not only adds to the flexibility of the business but also results in reduced downtime. For instance, if internal servers are down, since the data is uploaded on cloud, one can easily access the data and work on fixing bugs or issues, if any.

How cloud ensures business continuity?

Expanding further on the flexibility part, cloud also enables scalability of work/business. This is possible because data uploaded on cloud can be accessed from anywhere. In the event of an outage, the team or resources can access the data from anywhere virtually. This allows the business to have unmatched business continuity. It also reduces the businesses’’ reliance on any resource and helps mitigate roadblocks, if any.

Also, in times of a disaster, data can be recovered with ease. Cloud ensures uninterrupted data flow throughout – which was previously a luxury for business organisations. Even in case of a disaster event, cloud-based recovery is 99% more reliable than traditional back-up options.
Looking for cloud-based business continuity? Optbyte is one of the leading providers of cloud-based solutions in India.

The company’s cloud computing services are designed in a way to help clients cut down on the expense and hassle of owing and maintaining their own IT Infrastructure. By providing on-demand access, Optbyte’s clients can review, store, back-up data with unmatched convenience. Being a leading Cloud computing service provider, the company offers not only a cost-optimization strategy but also a great tool to safeguard data. The company’s team of experts helps clients in creation of dashboards, reports, reviewing codes and other project implementation requirements.

Optbyte’s cloud computing services include:

  •     Software Architecture: Analyzing of application requirement and design architecture.
  • Code review and architecture consulting.
  •     Cloud: Migration of applications on cloud like Azure or AWS, Monitoring and multilevel support.
  •     BI: Support Services in MSBI, SAP BO (including Dashboards and Reports).
  •     DBA:  Oracle, MS SQL (Monitoring, Back-up and Migration).
  •     Mobile App: Enterprise as well as public facing Native App.